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Learning Stations

Children are able to interact at various learning stations each day at Ivy Prep to enhance their learning.





These learning stations enable children to develop a passion for learning.





Additional musical enrichment opportunities are offered through violin lessons and Kindermusik at Ivy Prep.

Children can use computers each day to assist in learning math skills, reading skills, and eye hand coordination.  Every pre-school classroom at Ivy Prep has computers for the children with developmentally appropriate software.

Children can classify and experiment with science tools such as microscopes and magnifying glasses.  Some of the many things they can interact and study include magnets, rocks, sand shells and plants.  Children can interact with nature and observe the metamorphosis process in our Monarch butterfly garden.

Children can access the vast classroom libraries, learn about different authors, and study various genres.  They will even write and create their own books.  Puppets, flannel boards, and props will be available for them to retell stories and act out their favorite characters.

Children can use musical instruments to experiment with rhythm and sound.  They can use various mediums to create their own works of art.  Watercolor paints, oil paints, tempera paints, colored pencils, crayons, charcoal, and craypas are some of the mediums that the children use.  The students also create pottery, mosaics, collages, and various craft projects.

Children can dress-up in costumes to become butterflies, doctors, princesses, pirates, astronauts, or anything they can imagine.  They can even pretend to cook dinner, grocery shop, and keep house.

Computer Station

Creative Arts Station

Literacy Station

Exploration Station

Imagination Station

Children will use a variety of materials to develop patterning, counting, grouping, measurement, and problem solving skills.  They will explore a variety of math concepts through a daily calendar activity.

Math Station

To inspire future architects and engineers, children can use wooden blocks, connecting cubes, train sets, and Legos to build and design their own creations.

Construction Station